Broad research on human behaviour, perception and action oriented for businesses, brands and organizations. 

  • Consumer behaviour – creating an open dialogue, visiting their environment, analysing routines, choices and triggers for action

  • Ad testing – measuring engagement with facial expressions recognition and gaze detection

  • Market overview – benchmarking, trends, opportunities and cultural idiosyncrasies

  • Products and services testing - researching usability, problem solving, ergonomy, design

  • Sensory experience - testing different senses (like taste, smell, touch, sight) association with brands, products and services

Some of the tools we use:

Participant Observation

In-depth interviews

Co-creation workshop

Mistery Shopping/



Facial coding for emotion recognition

Biofeedback technology

Digital Ethnography

Eye Tracking



An end-to-end in-depth analysis of people, processes and market which is designed to solve specific challenges or problems

  • Consumer level  – defining your customer's personas, journey and main touch points; 

  • Market level – defining competition and brand positioning; uncovering market opportunities to develop new products and services

  • Brand level – Identifying key associations and archetypes, identifying expectations and strategic touch points

  • Internal level – finding opportunities and designing solutions with your employees; internal empowerment towards creativity and disruptive thinking

our approach

We combine state of the art techniques from a wide range of subjects so we can provide our costumers  with the best insights


Anthropology help's understand people and therefore map and decode human behaviour, perceive cultures, trends and the main social forces.


Design-thinking, a creativity-driven methodology, allow us to create new solutions alongside our targets, enabling the development of rapid, cheap prototypes which in turn leads us to achieve simple, suitable solutions.


We use Marketing tools to understand the relation between customers, brands, companies and all remaining stakeholders. Besides, marketing allows us to work alongside the right targets and foresee market potential.


We partnered up with companies around the globe to combine cutting-edge software and hardware to help up research faster, better and deeper.

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